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The Four Types Of Content Marketing

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We’ve defined what content marketing is and how it has completely changed the advertising landscape, obliterating what was once thought to be the right way of selling what your brand does.

While this new, inventive way of selling what you do has broken boundaries by ushering in an age where user-generated content is king, there are still some rules in this otherwise largely misunderstood content marketing world.

Below we take a look at the four types of content marketing that are available to your brand, breaking down what they mean and what the benefits and challenges of each of these strategies are.


1) Transmedia Storytelling


Transmedia storytelling is a fully-participatory technique of telling a narrative story through the use of multiple media platforms, including print, films, video games, mobile apps, and social networks. Each media platform used should function as a separate story experience, while taking nothing away from the overall narrative, and still managing to create lasting satisfaction, enjoyment, and understanding from the audience.

In transmedia storytelling, the audience becomes actively involved in the story. The direction the story takes encourages the audience to engage with other members, seek out other parts of the story on other platforms and to contribute to the story by adding content. Essentially, the audience participates with the brand in telling the story.

It allows brands that are seeking a closer connection and improved dialogue with their audience an opportunity to achieve this.

While transmedia storytelling yields many opportunities, it remains a truly broad, competitive, and resource-intensive space.


2) Native advertising


Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. The modern consumer knows when they are being pitched to and can recognise an advert from a mile away. Native advertising seeks to combat this by blending your brand’s message to match the content around it. It camouflages your brand’s message, making it appear as if it is editorial content.

Due to its camouflaged nature, there is a higher likelihood that your ads will be watched, read, or listened to, resulting in the trust that consumers have in the publisher will rub off on your brand.

Once again, because of its camouflaged nature, consumers tend to have a much more unfavourable opinion of the brand once they realise they have been deceived/tricked.


3) Advertiser-funded productions


This is a form of advertising where content programmes that are funded by a brand are made for broadcast channels in order to promote the brand’s message. It is a mutually beneficial agreement between a brand and the broadcaster – providing a tailor-made marketing solution for the brand, while offering entertaining content for the broadcaster.

It increases the brand’s television production revenue while generating media revenue for the broadcaster.

Both the brand and the broadcaster incur significant risk. Should the production prove to be unsuccessful, the brand will have lost a significant amount of money on the show while the broadcaster could take a knock in terms of viewership and ratings.


4) Custom Publishing


This is a content programme that is funded by the brand in order to engage existing communities, create cultural context, and acquire audiences for your brand. The content is produced for both owned and borrowed channels, and combines a brand’s marketing ambitions with the information needs of its target audience.


It involves the production of media (print, online, audio-visual) which has been targeted to appeal to a clearly defined target audience/market. Custom publishing is usually editorial in nature. It is intended not to be perceived as advertising, so when the desired audience is exposed to it, they consider it as a credible and informative source.

It can be a potential means of generating new external revenues by influencing internal publishing and audience gaining skills

Brands often struggle to find the skills and resources to plan, create and sustain all the content they now need to produce




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